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Rectification Surgery Can Help Breast Troubles

In 2001, a survey found that only 1% of women were completely happy with their body shape. With young women seeing ‘size zero’ models in every shop window and the British media pushing body perfection into people’s minds, it is no surprise that young women do not feel confident about their bodies. While many confidence issues can be overcome with age and support from friends and family, some issues have deeper roots that can cause a woman to be very unhappy with her life. This sadness can have a negative effect on many aspects of a person’s life, from work and family to private relationships with people. If a woman is unhappy with her breasts, there are several types of plastic surgery she can consider.

Breast surgery is the most common type of surgery in the UK, although there are many different types of surgery. Breast reduction is not as commonly talked about as breast enlargement, but many people wish to have the size of their bust reduced. Some women’s breasts are so large that they cause serious back pain and can make simple jobs difficult, even walking. Some women become very unhappy with their breasts if they are different sizes. While breasts are not perfectly asymmetrical, some women have one breast that is significantly larger than the other. In these cases, a woman can choose to have one breast reduced, one breast enlarged, or she can have operations on both so they become a standard size in the middle. While surgery scars may take a long time to heal, the operation leaves women feeling much more confident than before and allows them to live their life without sorrow.

Another type of breast rectification is when a woman has inverted nipples. An inverted nipple can be caused by imbalanced muscle traction or problems with the milk ducts in the nipple. An inverted nipple operation usually lasts about 30 minutes. However, after the surgery has happened a woman will no longer be able to breast feed because of the changes made to the milk ducts. If a woman with inverted nipples wants to have children and breast feed them, she may want to wait to have the operation until her children have grown up.

If a woman of any age is unhappy with the size or shape of her breasts, there are plenty of types of breast surgery available to her, not just breast enlargement. Breast rectification surgery can help improve a woman’s body confidence and turn her life around.

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