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Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Cosmetic Breast Surgery overview

Changing the size of your breasts can have really positive effects on your day-to-day life, whether it improves your self-confidence or even relieves physical strain. Stephen McCulley offers a range of breast surgery procedures including breast enlargement (augmentation), breast reduction, breast lift, correcting unequal breast sizes, correcting inverted nipples and offering fat injections.

Which procedures does this include?

Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)

This popular and very successful procedure is obviously for patients wishing to increase the size and fullness of the breast and/or remove some minor drooping. Patients tend to be those that have either always had small breasts or those that have lost breast volume following children. Stephen McCulley has performed this operation for over 15 years and has a special interest in this procedure offering all types of implants and latest operative techniques.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A breast lift (Mastopexy) is for patients who are unhappy with the shape of their breasts, usually because they feel the breasts are too droopy but are generally happy with the size of the breasts. This may have always been the case or more commonly following children and with advancing age. In selected cases breast re-shaping can be safely coupled with a breast enlargement.

Unequal Breast Sizes (Asymmetry)

It is normal for women to have some differences in the size of each breast. However, for some women, the difference is much greater in both size and shape of each breast. Stephen McCulley is an expert in this field treating very marked difficult cases in the NHS. Differing approaches are used using a combination of techniques including breast reduction, Mastopexy (breast lift), breast enlargement, fat transfer and reconstruction with a tissue expander and breast implants.

Inverted Nipples

It is common for women to develop inverted nipples, the cause being slightly shortened or tight breast milk ducts. The inversion can occur in one nipple or both; the severity depends on whether the nipple remains permanently inverted or only at certain times.

Fat Injections

This procedure improves the shape, fullness or volume of the breast by injecting the patients own fat into the area. This treatment, for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes, can also be used in the face. Please click here for further information.

Breast Reduction

There are many problems associated with large or heavy breasts including discomfort, neck and shoulder pain, backache and skin irritations. We understand that you might feel self-conscious and experience difficulty with exercise and finding clothes/underwear to fit.

Implant Problems

Patients who have breast implants may experience a variety of problems. These can relate to the implant itself (including hardening or capsule formation, rupture, excessive wrinkling, incorrect size) or to a change in the skin overlying the implant (skin or nipple droop, poor quality scars). Sometimes it can be a combination of problems and it is important to have an experienced surgeon like Stephen McCulley to carry out this challenging procedure.

Pectus Excavatum

Pectus excavatum is a structural deformity of the anterior thoracic wall in which the sternum and rib cage are shaped abnormally. Pectus excavatum produces a sunken appearance of the chest, which can either be present from birth or develop after puberty.

Poland's syndrome

Poland's Syndrome is a disorder where a person is born with missing/underdeveloped muscles on the side of their body, which results in abnormalities that potentially affect one of more of the shoulder, chest, hand, and arm. The severity of these abnormalities can vary depending on the individual.