Stephen McCulley, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. MBChb, FCS(SA)Plast, FRCS(plast)

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)
Stephen McCulley has been performing breast augmentations for the past 15 years and is a specialist in the field offering all types of implants and the latest operative techniques. The procedure involves placing an implant under the breast tissue either directly below the breast of under the chest wall muscle via an incision though the arm pit, nipple or most commonly under the breast at the crease. At the consultation stage you can talk through which technique and implant would be most appropriate for you.

Implant Problems
Implant problems aren’t common and if they do occur they can be corrected or removed. Problems included poor scarring, dropping, ruptures and hardening of breast implants.

Breast Reduction
Large or heavy breasts can cause discomfort, neck and shoulder pain, backache and skin irritation. Sometimes they can cause self-consciousness and it can be difficulty to exercise or find clothes or bras which fit. The procedure will involve lifting the nipple and removing excess skin and breast. Then the smaller breast will be reshaped and up-lifted. View this procedure or read our FAQs.

Breast Lift
If you are happy with the size of your breasts but are uncomfortable about how and where they sit then a breast lift would be an appropriate operation. Some people naturally have lower breasts; others find their breasts moving with age or after having children. There are a variety of different ways breasts can be reshaped and lifted and the suitable procedure is dependent on breast size and the amount of excess skin. Generally the nipple is kept attached to the breast, but lifted to a higher position, whilst excess skin is removed and breast tissue reshaped. View this procedure or read our FAQs.

Unequal Breast Sizes (Asymmetry)
Most women have unequal breast sizes, but for some women the difference between breast size is more extreme and can start to impact on their daily lives. Fitting bras and finding clothing can be difficult and it can cause anxiety and self-consciousness. There are three types of asymmetry (unequal breasts) which can all be treated with different surgical techniques.

Inverted Nipples
Inverted nipples within varying degrees are very common amongst women and by and large the problem is cosmetic, although it can cause problems with breast feeding. Often nipple inversion can be treated by non-surgical techniques such as using a Niplette, a painless device which gently sucks out the inverted nipple. If the inversion won’t respond to non-surgical techniques, two surgical options are available: duct dividing surgery and duct preserving surgery.

Fat Injections
Fat injections can be used in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery and involve injecting a patient’s own fat into the specific area. It can also be used in the face. The fat is removed by Liposuction and the procedure happens either under local or general anaesthetic. There tends to be no or very minimal scarring.