Stephen McCulley, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. MBChb, FCS(SA)Plast, FRCS(plast)

Body Procedures

Though liposuction removes fat from the body it isn’t an appropriate treatment for excessive weight loss or losing cellulite and is only recommended for removal of localised areas of fat. Liposuction can be used on any area of the body and is commonly used to remove fat from the hips, abdomen, buttocks, upper arms, breasts and neck. After fat has been removed the skin will shrink back to define the reduced contour. The process relies on the elasticity of a patient’s skin which is influenced by the age of the patient and the quality of their skin.

Tummy Tucks
Tummy tucks eradicate excessive skin, fat and stretch marks on the abdomen. A tummy tuck intends to re-shape the abdomen rather than reduce weight, though some weight removal is inevitable. Two procedures are on offer; a full Abdominoplasty or a mini Abdominoplasty. In a full Abdominoplasty muscles are tightened and tissue below the tummy button is removed. In a mini Abdominoplasty muscles are generally not tightened (though this can be discussed during your consultation) and fat is not removed from below the tummy button.

Upper Arm Tightening (Brachioplasty)
The natural effects of aging, weight loss or liposuction can all cause loose and droopy skin in the upper arm area. A Brachioplasty will remove excess skin leaving the scar hidden in the armpit which will take about 12 months to fade. The operation is relatively straightforward, will take about 2 – 2 and a half hours and will require an overnight stay in hospital.

Thigh Lift Surgery
Weight loss, aging and liposuction can all cause loose skin and drooping in the inner thigh which can be treated by surgery. The operation will remove excess skin and hide the scar in the groin crease.

Labial Surgery
Labial surgery is an option if a woman is concerned about, or in pain due to a labial irregularity. This is a common issue after childbirth, but it can also be an issue for women with children or younger women. Labial surgery is very simple and reliable. It involves removing excess labia to create a more uniform appearance without impacting upon the patient’s post-operation sensation. After surgery it is almost impossible to see any scarring.