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Our Procedures:Facial Surgery

Men can benefit from various cosmetic procedures for the face to look and feel good

Facial Surgery Overview

An increasing number of men are now enjoying the benefits of cosmetic surgery to help them look and feel good. Stephen McCulley is a fully qualified cosmetic surgeon who can utilise cosmetic techniques to give you the best results possible.

Whether you are looking to treat the effects of aging or to correct a particular problem, Stephen can deliver exceptional results whilst maintaining your masculinity.

Stephen McCulley offers a number of facial procedures including facelifts, eyelid surgery and nose re-shaping (Rhinoplasty).

A full medical history will be obtained before any surgery. As a precaution, do not take any over the counter medicines or herbal remedies prior to surgery or for 3 days following. Also avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and Voltarol based tablets. It would be useful to bring a list of any prescribed medications to your pre-op assessment.

If you are a smoker, try and stop for a minimum of six weeks before and one week after surgery as it can reduce the chances of complications.

Male Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid bags are a combination of excessive skin on the lid, with or without bulging fat from under the eyelid. This can make the eye look older, tired or ‘puffy’. The eye-lid bags can be composed of both skin and fat, and this varies between people. Stephen McCulley can treat both the upper and lower eyelid.

Upper Eyelid Surgery
Men tend to have lower and flatter eyebrows and this means that the scarring is very well hidden in the new eyelid crease and fades nicely.

Lower Eyelid Surgery
The scar will be on the eyelid margin and will be a little more noticeable for the first few weeks following surgery. However, the scar will fade very well overtime.

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Male Facelift Surgery

As the face ages the skin and underlying muscles can become lax with loss of skin tone and elasticity. This combined with the effects of the sun result in drooping of the facial tissues. There is also loss of fat volume and descent of fat in the face. A facelift can partly reverse these changes, particularly the neck and jaw line. This procedure can sometimes be done with the removal of neck fat, a blepharoplasty (eye-lid tuck), fat injections to help fill out the middle of the face and a forehead lift.

It is important to be aware that if the male patient is loosing his hair then the scar position can be an issue. In this case, a short scar facelift is preferred in which the scars in the temple area may be modified to allow maximum hiding of the scar.

Other potential complications include an increased risk of skin bearing facial hair being lifted to areas such as the front of the ear. This would increase the skin’s blood supply making the patient more susceptible to bleeding. Also, the lift can appear less ‘pronounced’ due to the thickness and heaviness of the patients skin.

Despite the potential complications, this is often a very positive treatment for men and Stephen McCulley can discuss this further during your consultation.

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Male Nose Re-shaping (Rhinoplasty)

Whether you feel that your nose is the too long, too big or has a ‘hump’ on top, this procedure can make a big difference to your overall appearance and self esteem.

This procedure is relatively common in men, with the ‘hump’ the most frequent request of treatment. It is important to be aware that due to the general thickness of male skin, it can sometimes be challenging to make changes to the tip of the nose. However, your specific requirements will be assessed by Stephen McCulley during your consultation.

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