Stephen McCulley, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. MBChb, FCS(SA)Plast, FRCS(plast)

Non Surgical Procedures

Filler Treatments
Filler treatments are used to improve wrinkles and grooves in the skin and thicken areas such as the lips, chin and cheeks. Fillers can be permanent or temporary; temporary fillers last from 3-12 months and are either injected into the target area or placed under the skin. Stephen McCulley regularly uses Hyaloronic acid as a filler, which is a man-made but natural component of the skin considered safer than alternatives. Permanent fillers can be made of an artificial product, or the patient’s own fatty tissue, and are commonly injected in a hospital environment under local or general anaesthetic. View this procedure or read our FAQs.

Injectable Wrinkle Treatment
Frown lines, crease lines around the eyes and wrinkles around the neck and mouth can all be improved with injectable wrinkle treatment. The treatment uses Botulinum Toxin to relax muscles; it is a very effective procedure, and in Stephen McCulley’s opinion is one of the most successful non-surgical cosmetic treatments. No anaesthetic is used during the process, but sometimes the skin is cooled with ice. The brow can also be reshaped with a number of selective injections resulting in a higher, fresher and more arched look. View this procedure or read our FAQs.

Skin Resurfacing
Skin resurfacing can treat blemishes, Acne scarring, pigmentation irregularities and thin, wrinkled skin. The process involves removing the top layer of skin on the affected area; it’s a very safe and very commonly used procedure which has excellent results and will leave your skin smooth and refreshed. View this procedure or read our FAQs.