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Our Procedures:Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Stephen McCulley is a world expert in Oncoplastic surgery techniques

Oncoplastic breast surgery uses plastic surgery techniques to treat breast cancer. Through this process Stephen McCulley can remove the cancer and also improve the appearance of the affected area at the same time. Stephen McCulley is a leading world expert in this field of breast cancer surgery.

Therapeutic Mammaplasty

This uses breast reduction techniques to both excise the cancer and re-shape the breast. This means that even if a large area of the breast is removed the final shape following surgery can still be very good, if not better. For this type of procedure both breasts are usually operated on.

The same excision, but without these techniques may leave an obvious indentation in the breast. This technique is only suitable for patients that can be treated by breast conserving methods (see breast cancer treatment for further information) and those with enough breast tissue left after a wide local excision in order to adequately re-shape the breast. As with most breast conserving surgery, the patient is usually advised to have radiotherapy following surgery.

In terms of recovery, the patient is likely to have the same experience as with a standard breast reduction (see here for details) and with breast conserving surgery.

Other Oncoplastic Techniques

The other group of oncoplastic techniques involve using skin and fat from the back, armpit or lateral chest area to ‘fill’ the hole left by the cancer removal. The common operation from the side is called a Li-CAP flap. This method leaves the breast the same size as before, and usually the same shape as well.

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