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Our Procedures:Unequal Breast Sizes (Asymmetry)

Unequal Breast Sizes (Aysmmetry) - A cause of great anxiety but there are many techniques to make your breasts look equal

Why Choose Surgery To Treat Unequal Breast Size?

It is normal for women to have some differences in the size of each breast. However, for some women, the difference is much greater in both size and shape of each breast.

We understand this can make a woman feel very self conscious, as well as cause difficulties with the fitting of bras and clothing. A lot can be done to improve unequal breast size and shape.

Stephen McCulley is an expert in this field treating very marked difficult cases in the NHS. Differing approaches are used using a combination of techniques including  breast reduction, Mastopexy (breast lift), breast enlargement, fat transfer and reconstruction with a tissue expander and breast implants.

Types Of Asymmetry

There are three types of aysmmetry:

Developmental Breast Asymmetry

This is the most common type in which both breasts are a normal shape but are simply different sizes. Another common pattern in this group is to have one small conical (pert) breast and a larger breast but with droop.

Tuberous Breast Deformities

This is an abnormal breast shape, most commonly where the breast is very constricted with a very narrow base but a small droopy breast and large nipple.

Polands Syndrome

This occurs when there is an absence of underlying muscles and sometimes rib-cage

What Can Be Done

This will depend on the size and shape of your breasts, and whether you want to have one or both treated. If the problem is just a question of size, there are three options:

The first option is to make the smaller breast larger with an implant (read more about a breast enlargement including recovery and costs here) or with fat transfer. This leaves very few scars on the breast. It is important to remember that implants are susceptible to change in shape over the years and may require replacement at some point in life.

The second choice is to make the larger breast smaller with a breast reduction (read more about a breast reduction including recovery and cost here). This will leave scars on the breast but does tend to give a better life long solution in comparison to having breast implants.

The final choice is to do the same operation both sides (be it a breast reduction or enlargement) but do a different amount to   each side to give symmetry.

Please contact us to book a consultation with Stephen McCulley, who will be able to advise on the best course of treatment for you.

Recovering from Unequal Breast Sizes (Asymmetry)

Your recovery will depend on the type of surgery you have had. This can be discussed further with Stephen McCulley during your consultation.

Potential Complications With Unequal Breast Sizes (Asymmetry)

The risks for this surgery are not high, but will depend upon the exact type of surgery carried out.

What does Unequal Breast Sizes (Asymmetry) cost?

The costs vary depending on the type of surgery and this will be discussed with Stephen McCulley during your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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