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Ways To Feel Good About Your Body

According to the BBC, 51 per cent of young women would have surgery to improve their body image. In agreement with this large percentage, there are a few surgical options a woman can consider when it comes to losing weight and gaining the desired body shape.

A popular form of cosmetic surgery is the tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty. A tummy tuck is a way of surgically removing excess skin and fat from the abdominal area, whilst tightening the muscles around it for an overall more streamlined body shape. There are different types of tummy tuck available depending on how much skin and fat a woman wishes to remove. Aside from the standard tummy tuck there are also mini tummy tucks available–during which the fat below the abdomen is taken out and the belly button stays intact. Another tummy tuck is the extended tummy tuck, which not only removes skin and fat from the abdomen but also from the lower back, resulting in another scar but more from the body is removed.

In addition to this, surgical procedures such as liposuction can remove excess body fat from under the skin. This fat can be removed from areas such as the stomach, buttocks, thighs and knees amongst other places. As the fat cells in the body are reduced by liposuction, a long-lasting change can be noticed in shape if a healthy diet is maintained.

Aside from the surgical options, anyone can undergo a healthy eating and fitness regime to help lose weight, tone muscles or just to feel better about their body shape. There are a few very simple ways to keep healthy and stay fit. Controlling what we eat is paramount to staying healthy, such as reducing saturated fats, salt and sugars in a diet. Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables can supply a body with the vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients it needs to fully thrive. Doing at least half an hour of exercise a day can contribute to a healthier body and heart-walking or cycling instead of driving wherever possible, going for a run around the block or even using the stairs at work instead of the lift can add to this half an hour.

Whether surgery has been undergone or not, a healthy diet and exercise regime not only aids in losing weight and keeping fit but also helps keep a good sense of well-being and a heightened sense of body image satisfaction.

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