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The Types Of Facial Plastic Surgery

In 2010, the American society for aesthetic plastic surgery reported that the demand for plastic surgery rose by almost 9%. Almost 9.5 million cosmetic surgeries took place in the US that year. This trend is closely followed in the UK, with both men and women of every age seeking plastic surgery to improve their appearance rather than for medical reasons. The cosmetic plastic surgery industry is huge, largely because of the wide range of operations that take place. Everything on the face can be rearranged or remodelled to leave people happier with their appearance. Most people use the term ‘facelift’ as a generic term for all types of facial surgery, but this does not even come close to how many changes can be made.

One type of cosmetic surgery that a man or woman can undergo is an eyebrow lift. This is popular amongst older people because as the face ages, the eyebrows droop and can cause excess skin on the upper eyelid. This can impair vision and become quite a complication in life. An eyebrow lift is made by cutting into the hair line where the scars cannot be seen. The skin of the forehead can then be tightened so the eyebrows return to a higher position. This surgery also reduces the wrinkles on the forehead, making a person look much younger.

A very popular type of cosmetic surgery is to have Botox treatment. Botox, short for Botolinum toxin, is a type of protein that can be injected into the muscles of the face to reduce wrinkles and make a man or woman look years younger. It is particularly used on ‘frown lines’ between the brows. It is a temporary remedy so if a person wants to keep looking young they must have regular Botox injections to keep the wrinkles away. However, the results can last for up to 4 months so a person may only need to have the injections three times a year to keep their face looking youthful.

Another type of facial surgery is rhinoplasty, or a nose job, where people have the size or shape of their nose changed. People often have nose surgery to make their nose smaller, remove a nasal hump or to fix a deviated septum. The operation can be performed under general or local anaesthetic depending on the severity of the surgery. There may be small scars for a while but many people who have had nose jobs feel happier with their face overall.

If you are considering facial surgery you should discuss what type of surgery you want with your surgeon and think about the risks and benefits before making a decision.

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