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Breast Augmentation and Weight FAQs

Breast Augmentation and Weight FAQs

Do I need to lose weight before having breast augmentation surgery?

You don’t need to lose weight before having surgery unless you have recently put on a lot of a weight. The size of your implant is assessed according to your body shape, so for leaner, smaller women, a smaller implant can achieve a size D cup for example whereas a broader woman may need a much larger size implant to achieve the same cup size. For that reason it is recommended to be at a steady weight before you have the operation, or if you would like to be at a different weight, a weight that is genuinely sustainable for you. This is because lots of fluctuations in weight can affect how the implants will look. If very thin this will show implant ripples or edges more easily.

Do I need to put on weight before having breast augmentation?

It’s not advisable to put on a lot of weight before a breast augmentation, unless you have recently lost a lot of weight and are trying to get back to your ‘normal’ weight. Before surgery you should be at your normal, sustainable weight so that the appropriate implant can be selected for you.

Is there a weight limit I have to stick to if I have breast augmentation?

There is no specific weight limit that you must stick to after you have had a breast augmentation, and there is no hard and fast rule as to how weight gain will affect your implants, since every individual’s body is unique.

Some people are more likely to gain weight around their breast when they gain weight overall, others gain weight in other parts of the body. Weight gain around the breasts can change how your implants look.

How will weight loss affect my implants?

After weight loss it is possible the appearance of your breasts will change. The following changes in appearance can happen to the breasts after extreme weight loss:

  • Wrinkled appearance as the skin has less fat behind it
  • Sagging as the position of the breast changes

If the appearance changes significantly you can have further surgery to restore the look of your breasts. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts will become larger and once you stop feeding, the decrease in breast volume may affect how your implants look. You can find out more information about implants, pregnancy and breastfeeding here.

Will I gain weight after breast augmentation?

It is not unusual to experience a small amount of weight gain immediately after breast augmentation surgery, but this shouldn’t last for a long time. This is due to the swelling you are likely to experience post-surgery as your breasts begin to heal. Water retention and constipation after surgery is also a common issue and could explain any weight gain. It could take up to 6 weeks for your weight to return to normal.