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How do you choose the right plastic surgeon for your breast reduction?

How do you choose the right plastic surgeon for your breast reduction?

If you are thinking about undergoing a breast reduction, it is important to first consult with your GP. They will be able to provide you with basic information on the surgery, discuss your health and how this may affect the procedure, and whether you may be able to go through the NHS. However, due to long wait times and failure to meet certain criteria, many people decide to seek the procedure from a private cosmetic surgeon, which they can choose.

This guide will examine what you should look out for in a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, including the required credentials and training for breast reduction, and why consultations are important.

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What should you ask your cosmetic surgeon during your breast reduction consultation?

One of the benefits of going privately for your cosmetic breast surgery is that you have the final decision in choosing the surgeon. To help choose, patients should book consultations with different plastic and cosmetic surgeons. This gives ample opportunity to question the surgeon and their staff, ensure all enquiries are answered, and understand more about the surgery.

For your breast reduction, the consultation is a fundamental part of the cosmetic surgery preparation. Yet, this is not a binding contract; breast reduction consultations give you a chance to compare different cosmetic surgeons and find where you feel the most comfortable. Consider asking the following questions in your breast reduction consultation:

  • Their experience with breast reductions or how many procedures they’ve done

  • Their qualifications

  • If there are any risks or complications to breast reduction

  • How much the cosmetic surgery is, and what is included in the cost

  • What will happen on the surgery day, and what the aftercare process will look like

The breast reduction consultation should prepare you for what will happen during the surgery, and any important things to know about the recovery. The aesthetic surgeon will also be able to assess your breast size to determine how much breast tissue can be removed, and how this will look after the surgery.

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What should you look for in a plastic surgeon?

There are several factors that may determine your choice of plastic surgeon for breast reduction. In this specialist field, there is a high level of expertise that is required and minimum training that the surgeon should undergo before performing any breast surgeries. When looking for the right plastic surgeon for breast reduction, pay attention to the following:

Positive customer feedback and testimonials

One of the primary indicators of a skilled and reliable plastic surgeon is positive customer feedback and testimonials. Patients should explore online reviews, testimonials on the surgeon’s website, and feedback on independent review platforms. Pay attention to detailed reviews that discuss breast reduction surgery, its results and the overall patient experience.

Stephen McCulley has extensive experience in performing breast reduction surgeries.

Browse through our breast reduction patient feedback for more information.

The right credentials

Credentials are pivotal in assessing a plastic surgeon’s competence and expertise. In the UK, patients should ensure that their chosen surgeon is a member of reputable medical bodies, such as the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) or the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

All plastic surgeons in the UK should also be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), for which you can check the GMC register when researching.

The required training of the surgeon and anaesthetist

Breast reduction surgery requires a specific set of skills and expertise. Patients should inquire about the surgeon’s training and specialisation in breast reduction procedures. A qualified plastic surgeon should have completed extensive training in both general and plastic surgery training, focusing on breast procedures, and a minimum of 13 years of training.

If they are trustworthy

Trust is fundamental in any doctor-patient relationship, especially in the realm of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Patients should feel comfortable discussing their concerns, expectations, and medical history with the surgeon during the initial consultation.

Your breast reduction consultation is a great way to gauge the trustworthiness of the plastic surgeon, their team, and the overall clinic environment. Also, look at their past experiences and any “before and after” images.

If you are interested in breast reduction surgery, you must research extensively to find the ideal cosmetic and plastic surgeon.

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What to avoid when seeking breast reduction treatment

Though there are many things to look for in a plastic surgeon, patients should be wary of clinics set up in certain ways. It is recommended to avoid clinics that require an upfront payment before the consultation. The breast reduction consultation is not a binding contract, and there is no obligation to proceed with the surgery; it is a useful meeting to gather all the necessary information and ensure you are completely satisfied with the surgery.

In addition, avoid surgeons and clinics that seem to only advertise on social media and are still training. To ensure the best cosmetic outcome, find a plastic surgeon who has a minimum of 13 years of experience and has evidence of previous successes.

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How Stephen McCulley can help

Stephen McCulley works extensively as a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, offering private patients the latest plastic surgery techniques for various treatments. Stephen and his team have all the required credentials and have written several scientific articles exploring the cosmetic industry.

If you are interested in the breast reduction procedure, it is important to find the right plastic surgeon. Stephen McCulley believes in honest approaches to give realistic and achievable aesthetic results.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the main risks and complications of breast reduction surgery?

Like all cosmetic surgeries, breast reduction has potential risks that patients may want to consider. This includes nipple loss, which is less than 0.5%, loss or altered nipple sensation, which occurs in 20% of patients, and the loss of the ability to breastfeed, occurring in 50% of patients.

These risks will be discussed prior to the procedure in your consultation with the cosmetic surgeon, who will be able to advise you on any complications.

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What do you need before scheduling a breast reduction consultation?

It is recommended to bring something to take notes during your breast reduction consultation. This way, you can record any important details, and if you are seeing more than one plastic surgeon, you can make notes to compare when making the final decision. Make sure to bring your medical history as well as any other relevant information that may be useful to the cosmetic surgeon.

Get in touch with Stephen McCulley and his team with any questions, or book your breast reduction consultation here.