Stephen McCulley, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. MBChb, FCS(SA)Plast, FRCS(plast)

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Patient feedback about: Liposuction

I first looked into Liposuction over 2 years ago when I felt any exercise or dieting was doing nothing to reduce my ‘pot belly’. The first 7lbs. always seemed to come off my face, then my legs, in fact I was starting to have the strangest shape. Shopping for clothes became a major nightmare. I realised it was years since I brought a dress or a skirt.

New Years Resolution….Jan 8th I found myself at Nottingham Nuffield Hospital for an initial consultation with Stephen McCulley, I told him my story, and we discussed the options which were Liposuction or a Mini Tummy Tuck.  After much consideration I decided on the Liposuction. Three weeks later I was booked in for the procedure.

I duly arrived at Nuffield Hospital at 7.00am on the day of the Operation, and straight away a very well rehearsed procedure started.  I was escorted from Reception and shown to my Room.  A nurse came in to go over the Health Questionnaire that I had submitted and the Anaesthetist came by to explain what was going to happen and the pain relief management plan that would be in place.  Mr McCulley then arrived to ‘mark’ the areas he was going to treat.  Another Nurse popped in and I was told approximately the time I would be collected and taken to theatre.  So all I had to do was wait whilst reading a magazine.
Post operation I came round in the Theatre and vaguely remember the journey back to my room. Again I was very well looked after, Nurses popping in all the time to check on my fluid levels and take my blood pressure.  Although I could tell I’d been through quite an invasive procedure I was not in any real pain at all, thanks to the Anaesthetist and his plan.  I was discharged the next day.

12 Weeks Later as the swelling went down, my skin started to go back and for the 1st time in years I felt an interest in buying nice underwear, and yes two skirts and a dress, and trust me there will be more. I can’t wait to go on Holiday this summer, as just for once I will be able to wear what I want.  Since the Liposuction I have now lost a total of 10lb (combination of the Lipo and not eating pies) the weight has come off in all the right places, namely my stomach. I do have a slight crease but its amazing how my posture has improved, I now walk tall instead of hunching over to cover up.
My only regret is I should have done this two years ago when I first thought about it, no amount of exercise or dieting would have given me the results that Liposuction has given me.

I can only thank Mr McCulley for his accurate assessment of my treatment and his skill in performing the operation, plus I’d like to send my thanks to all of the Staff at Nuffield.
–  EC, Nottingham

Great outcome. Thanks
– Peter, Nottingham