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Frequently Asked Questions:Liposuction

We've put together some commonly requested information regarding Liposuction.


Is liposuction safe?

Yes it is and usually with a quick recovery. However, it should be done by an experienced Plastic Surgeon to ensure there are no mistakes.

Will the removed fat stay away for ever?

Fat removed will always stay away. The problem is there is no limit to the size of a fat cell and therefore if you gain weight you will simply return to your former self. That is why liposuction is excellent to remove localized areas of fat for people with a stable weight.

I am 55 years of age. My tummy protrudes and I am unhappy about it. Can I have liposuction to treat this?

Liposuction is good at removing excess fat. For a good result it relies on the skin shrinking back and tightening. When liposuction is used for the tummy it is excellent for localized fatty areas with good skin.

If the skin is already loose or hanging, liposuction will leave more loose skin, albeit with less bulk. At 55 years of age the bulging of the tummy may be due to muscle weakness. This can only be corrected with either exercise or a tummy tuck and not liposuction.

Answers provided by Mr Stephen McCulley and his expert team. You can see further helpful information in our Resource Centre or in our Ask Our Specialist Nurse section.

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