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Frequently Asked Questions:Facial Makeover Surgery

We've put together some commonly requested information regarding Facial Makeover Surgery.

Facial Makeover Surgery

I am a smoker, will this cause complications with the surgery?

Smoking always poses a risk to anyone undergoing surgery, no matter what the surgery is for. It is essential that you try to stop or radically cut down prior to your operation to prevent the risk of complications.

Can I take other medication at the time of surgery?

During the consultation, patients will need to give a full medical history, including any medication that they may be taking.

It is also important that any over the counter or herbal medicines are avoided prior to surgery and for three days following the operation. This also applies to medicines that contain Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Voltarol.

What is Facial Makeover Surgery?

Facial Makeover Surgery is when two or more surgical procedures are made during one operation. This means that the patient is under anaesthetic just the one time, for a longer period of time.

Why would I choose to have Facial Makeover surgery?

If patients want to have cosmetic surgery in more than one area on the face (or on the face and another part of the body), it can be beneficial to have all of the procedures done in one operation.

This not only cuts down the amounts of time that the patient needs to go under anaesthetic, it is also cost effective.

What Procedures can be performed in Facial Makeover Surgery?

It is common for eyelid surgery to be performed along with face & neck lifts. This combination allows all of the swelling and settling to happen in one occasion, as facelift and eye surgery usually take around the same time to heal.

brow lift can also be added to the surgery, but patients should be aware that this will add some further swelling and therefore recovery time will take slightly longer.

Nose re-shaping (Rhinoplasty) can be done in addition to many procedures. It is possible to combine it with upper eyelid surgery but it is worth noting that this will incur additional swelling and therefore increase recovery time.

Stephen McCulley prefers not to perform Rhinoplasty with lower eyelid surgery or a facelift as the swelling post-operation could become problematic.

It is also possible to have a face-lift alongside other surgery around the body, the details of this can be discussed during the consultation.

Is Multiple Facial Surgery advisable for all patients?

Stephen McCulley will assess if multiple procedure facial surgery is right for each individual patient during a thorough consultation. He will advise on whether procedures are likely to have a negative impact on each other and on how the recovery time will be affected.

Some patients will naturally pose a higher risk than others and therefore might not suit a longer operation, these include patients who smoke, are overweight and those with a history of blood clots. In this scenario it may be advisable to split the surgery to separate occasions.

How much should I expect to pay for Facial Makeover Surgery?

During your consultation with Stephen McCulley prices for the specific combination of surgery that you require will be discussed.

It is certainly cost-effective to combine the operations, in general a second procedure will cost 65% of the normal price, and a third operation will be 50% of the normal price.

These savings include one hospital stay and a reduced overall time in the operating theatre. As with any procedure with Stephen McCulley, any follow-up care and nursing that relates to your surgery will be included in the price.

Are there any complications associated with Facial Makeover Surgery?

As with all surgery, there is always a slight risk of patients developing blood clots in the leg or lung whilst under anaesthetic.

In most cases, these risks are uncommon, however, the increased time length required for multiple facial surgery naturally poses an additional risk of a patient experiencing complications.

Whilst uncommon, when these complications occur they can be serious. Therefore, it is important to consider the risks when electing to undergo multiple procedure surgery.

Multiple procedures also involve an increased number of scars. This means that a patient may also be at a higher risk of infection or bleeding.

How long is the recovery time after Multiple Facial Surgery?

Recovery time will depend on the individual patient, and also on the type of surgery that they have undergone. In your consultation Stephen McCulley will advise you on what to expect during your recovery.

Answers provided by Mr Stephen McCulley and his expert team. You can see further helpful information in our Resource Centre or in our Ask Our Specialist Nurse section.

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