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Frequently Asked Questions:Eyelid Surgery

We've put together some commonly requested information regarding Eyelid Surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

Do I need to go to sleep for eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery can often be performed under local anaesthetic, especially for the upper eyelids.

I have very droopy upper eyelids that affect my vision. Can you help?

This can be markedly improved with an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid modification). The excess skin is removed leaving a scar in the newly formed upper eyelid crease. This operation is sometimes combined with a brow lift to raise the eyebrow itself.

What can you do about my lower eyelid bags? They make me look tired.

This is a common request and can be improved with a lower blepharoplasty (eyelid modification). The eyelid bags are actually caused by bulging fat around the eye itself.

Usually this will be held back by membrane but this weakens as we age, allowing the fat to bulge. The excess fat can either be removed or re-positioned. Any excess skin is also removed leaving the lower eyelid bags much less obvious.

I have fluid swelling on my lower eyelids that really bothers me. Can you remove this?

It depends if this is really on the eyelid or the eyelid/cheek junction. Swelling on the border between the cheek and the eyelid is called a festoon and can be difficult to fully correct.

It is a mixture of excess skin, muscle and some long-standing swelling. Sometimes an extended lower blepharoplasty with tightening of the skin and muscle layer can help. If really obvious a direct excision is sometimes performed but this does leave a scar in this area.

How long before I look OK after eyelid surgery?

This will be about 10-14 days. The bruising looks very noticeable at 5 days but then improves dramatically.

Answers provided by Mr Stephen McCulley and his expert team. You can see further helpful information in our Resource Centre or in our Ask Our Specialist Nurse section.

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