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Breast Cancer Surgery Statistics

A recent article published in the British Medical Journal suggests that one in five women who opt for breast-conserving surgery end up undergoing at least one more surgical procedure.

Breast-conserving surgeries are very effective when the tumour is obvious and …


Don’t Forget Farrah

It’s 3 years since the iconic Farrah Fawcett lost her fight to cancer. This image by Bruce McBroom was plastered on almost every young man’s wardrobe back in the day and sold 12 million copies. Whilst Ryan O’Neil used the …


First Lady

I’m so excited! We’ve had our first twitter conversation. Most of all I’m pleased that it is someone who may need our advice. That is the whole point of launching the new site and getting out in the public arena. …


Olivia – The B-Cup Beauty Queen

This lovely looking lady cancelled her breast augmentation just 48 hours before the operation was due. The reason? She won a beauty contest. I’m glad it is a happy ending however she must have been advised incorrectly. There should have …


Yeah for YouTube

I had a real heart warming feeling when I read that a compelling YouTube video saved a brave ladies life, and I felt I ought to share. Ruth McDonagh, a single mum from Enfield was receiving treatment for bowel cancer …


Breast is Best

I was stunned today to read that Facebook had removed one lady’s pictures of her mastectomy scar – branding them as “offensive”. I find the whole thing ludicrous; Joanne Jackson was celebrating the fact that she’s survived breast cancer – …


Who are you calling fat??

I have to be honest I was stunned to hear that a top ranking official in UK athletics said that Jessica Ennis was “too fat”. My god – the woman is the epitome of lean! Standing at 5ft 4in and …


Summer Scents

I’m pleased it’s finally summer, I’m on countdown to that glorious two weeks of indulgence and relaxation that re-energise me for the second half of the year. Holidays are just wonderful, time off the mental strains of your day to …